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Item: WebHub v3 Useful Source Add-On (1 person, 1 year)
A Highly Recommended Add-on, the WebHub Useful Source bundle includes:
  • All of ZaphodsMap, which is ordinarily free yet included for convenience
  • All of TPACK -- including utility code, special components and the main base classes used in the WebHub Components.
  • Source to the scrolling grids (TWebDataGrid, TWebDataScan, TWebScanList) plus the cloning utilties.
  • Source to the e-mail and telnet components (TWebMail, TWebMailForm, TWebSock, TWebTelnet)
  • Source to web-specific utilities (HtKeybrd, htStream, htStrWWW, htTagLst, HtmlEnc)
Note: Source to TWebDataSource is not included.

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